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Quit Smoking in 30 Minutes of the Greenfield, WI area offers effective methods for individuals to stop smoking without weight gain and stress. We have been proudly serving the Milwaukee and surrounding counties. We offer a highly effective 30-min smoking cessation treatment with immediate success with few to no cravings or side effects. This is accomplished by a low-level laser that is used on well-known acupuncture sites of the ear, face, hand, wrist, and other spots to stop the desire of smoking and prevent the weight gain and stress that accompanies smoking cessation.

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  • Utilizes safe and painless laser acupuncture technology
  • Immediate results with follow-up treatment if needed in the weeks to follow
  • No costly nicotine substitutes
  • No drugs
  • No gum
  • No advertising pills
  • No patches
  • No withdrawal symptoms
  • Immediate loss of desire to smoke

If you truly want to stop smoking, this method is probably the easiest, most effective, sure way of quitting with the least amount of side effects that is offered anywhere today.

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